The Lady is a Champ Signing Event

On October 23, I had the opportunity to go to the Chapters/Indigo in Brampton and attended the Lady is a Champ event and signing featuring: Marie Lu, Catherine Egan, Morgan Rhodes and Kiersten White. Marie was there to promote the last book in the Young Elites Trilogy, Midnight Star, Catherine for her book Julia Vanishes, Morgan for second book in the Spirits and Thieves series, The Darkest Magic and Kiersten for the first book in her new duology And I Darken.

Marie was such a kind person, and I loved finding out what her quirk was. Marie has a hard time writing the romance scenes in her books. She said she had her mother on her shoulder asking her where she learned that, what does she think she's writing, etc. It was an adorable story and made me love her as an author all the more because this means she puts such effort into her books and as a reader I appreciate it.


Catherine was so happy to be there and I was so happy to hear that she is an outliner like I am. So many authors are on the fly writers, but it was nice to hear the perspective of one who makes plans and outlines and has most details on paper which is the kind of writer I am. It was also really interesting She is such a sweet person and I can't wait to see what other books that she comes out with!


Morgan was the only Canadian author of the bunch, and was a happy addition to the others. Her Falling Kingdoms series spin off has a new book out which she was there to promote. It was so interesting for me to find out new things about her. Like how it isn't hard for her to kill off her characters, how her answer to everything is wine and chocolate, and how much of an introvert she is. I'm hoping since she is more local to me than many other authors that I can get to know her better and maybe do a blog/blog with her one day.


Kiersten was my favourite author there. She is quirky, fun, extremely kind and very dedicated. I really wish I could get to know her better and get to have a real chat with her. I feel like she and I would get along very well; we seem to be on the same wavelength. She really likes to have a small conversation with each reader that comes to see her and she makes sure to show you that you aren't just a part human line she has to get through. I really appreciated Kiersten taking the time to put a private message in each of my books for me. Kiersten is just so personable and I can't wait to read And I Darken!


Overall the event was a great success. There looked to be about 200 people in attendance which makes me happy because it shows the dedication of Canadian readers and hopefully will bring more writers here. Due to an unfortunate incidence of a small group of people taking to long to talk with the author at the beginning and holding up the line it did feel a little like they were rushing us along to get through the line, but that is kind of the price you pay when you have such a great attendance. I just hope I will have the opportunity to meet these authors again to have an in depth discussion with them and get to know them a bit more.

I don't think I will be attending any further events this year, but I am looking forward to going to many of them next year! I've already got my first one planned, I am going to go see Veronica Roth when she comes to Toronto next year at the end of January for her Carve the Mark tour. What are some of your favourite event memories? I would love to hear about them in the comments below.

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  1. My first book signing was for Alienated by Melissa Landers. I was super nervous since she was my first author I'd ever met. Since then I've met her 1 other time and am looking forward to meeting her again for Starfall's release in February!

    Oh and if things go as planned I'll be meeting Veronica Roth in January as well! :)

    Happy reading,
    Miranda @ Miranda's Book Blog