2018 Reading Resolutions

Happy New Year! It is a new year, a fresh start, a new reading goal and a mountainous TBR. I don’t know about you guys but 2017 wasn’t the best year for me so I plan on being super ambitious in 2018. With that in mind I have set up my 5 reading resolutions for 2018:

1: Read 50+ Books this year. 

I have had this goal for the past 2 or 3 years and I have yet to make it through that goal. I am going to push myself really hard to make it through that goal and review every book that I read as well. I am going to try to start by working through my backlog of ARCs and e-galleys that have been provided to me by publishers. I find once I get into a reading swing I don’t stop until something big happens and then I stop for awhile. So even if life gets in the way I’m really going to try to keep up this year. 

2: Post on my blog, Bookstagram, and booktube channel a once per week.  

I really want to use this year to focus on my blog, Bookstagram and booktube channel. I really enjoy talking about books with everybody and I want to make it more of a focus in 2018. I love the blogging and I would love to become friends with the people on here so by interacting more and posting more often I hope to do that. 

3: Include other medias like graphic novels and audiobooks. 

I have quite the collection of manga but funny enough I’ve never reviewed a single one of them. I’ve never listened to a full audiobook either which I think I may be missing out on by not having done so. So I definitely want to add them to the list this year! 

4: Go to a book convention 

Canada doesn’t really have many book events except for Word on the Street which I a book festival that comes to Toronto every year in September. I would love to go to BookCon or BEA and I don’t know if I can this year but I would to go to something! 

5: Open a Bookish store. 

I haven’t quite formed the full plan yet on what type of Bookish online store I want to create; I have a couple of ideas but nothing concrete. I do want to open an online store on society6, Etsy, or redbubble though. 

What are your guys reading resolutions for 2018? I know not all of mine were reading related but more bookish but as far as I’m concerned it counts lol. I would love to hear about your reading goals, life goals, anything down in the comments below. 

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