Indigo Teen Tour Signing & Event

So Monday I had the joy of going to the Indigo Teen Tour event at the Yorkdale Indigo. There was an interview and signing featuring three authors: Lauren Oliver, Kendare Blake and M.E. Girard. The three were on tour for their most recently published books, Replica, Three Dark Crowns and Girl Mans Up respectively.

Moving on to the actual event, the interview part of the night was amazing. I love these types of events because it lets the readers get to see the more human side of the authors we worship. I aim to one day be the moderator for one of these events! There were about 75 people in attendance so it was small enough that we did have a chance to talk to the authors for a couple of minutes while they were signing our books. I love getting to talk one on one with the people who's words and books I devour. It is the reason I go to these events and why I won't buy pre-signed books. While I would love to sit down with these authors for a couple of hours and have a chat (maybe one day!) I will take the few minutes I get with them.

Kendare is an amazingly unique person and completely hilarious! She's quirky and completely comfortable with what she wants in life (which is one of her pet crows on her head and the other two on each shoulder as she lives her life.) I really loved her answer for what she would like to dress up for Halloween as. She chose Moby Dick with her face being in the mouth as the person he's eating. How hilarious is that answer? I was especially pleased that she recognized me from our interactions on Twitter and Instagram. She is just such a sweet, kind, intriguing person with such cool stories and I hope that one day I can get to interview her and chat with her more!

You can check out her book Three Dark Crowns on Goodreads here.


Lauren is kind of a rockstar for me now. She is an amazingly eccentric woman who is not afraid to be exactly who she is and share it with the world. Her humour is a lot like my own and she can be just as awkward as I can sometimes be. I loved how she giggled to herself about her answer to the Halloween costume question, and I think her writing process is an amazing feat. She writes her book under contract and then to reward herself she writes a "fun" book. But then she shows her fun book to her editor, it gets bought and so now she's writing two books. When she finished for the day with those two books she rewards herself with writing a different "fun" book. And that's how she's currently writing I think she said 3 books and a screenplay. Her passion for writing is unlike any I've seen before and it makes me smile because I have that same passion for reading.
You can check out her book Replica on Goodreads here.


M.E. Girard is someone I hadn't heard of before this event. While her book is not something that I will likely read (I almost never read contemporary, I think i only own like 12 contemporary books) she is such a marvellous person! We are so alike in so many ways! Our love of food, tv, procrastination, and all things nerdy. I found myself relating to her and the things she said on so many levels. When I was chatting with her at the signing table I found out that she works nights like I do but she does it as a nurse. I found it so inspiring that she can write while maintaining a full time job and it might just be the push I need to start my own!

You can check out her book Girl Mans Up on Goodreads here.


Overall this was a very enjoyable event, as are most of these events that I go to. Thank you Lauren, it was definitely worth the drive down! Thank you Kendare, it was a pleasure to meet you and I was so excited that you recognized me! M.E. you have definitely piqued my interest and I am looking forward to reading a book of yours in the future! Also thanks to Indigo Events and Indigo Teen for hosting the event.

Lastly I would like to say something. American authors going on tour really isn't such a big thing. Them coming up to Canada is a very big deal I think. So few get to come up here even though we are just a hop, skip and a jump away from New York which they almost always go to. So I would just like to take this chance to implore more American publishers to bring their authors up here to Canada. I promise you won't be disappointed! We are friendly, have great nature and we have many a voracious reader whom I am sure would love to meet the authors you choose to bring along on tour. At least consider it?

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